Invoice Discounting Finance

Private Ambulance Provider

"We were new to this form of funding but Avocet took us through every step of the way from initial enquiry to funds draw down in 3 weeks (!). Avocet also ensured budget certainty with fixes on Interest Rate & Administration Fee plus transparency on all other potential fees". PB Shareholder

Food Ingredients

"Turning to an Invoice Discounting facility when our bank withdrew our overdraft, was a whole new frightening world for us.                                                                                          We barely understood the process, & the likely costs & small print were intimidating.                                                                                                                                                       Avocet's hand holding & introduction to our eventual Independent Funder were essential to a safe landing!" FRB - Herts

Greetings Cards

"After several major funding disappointments after we made the decision to switch, Avocet came up with the goods in terms of higher funding line, reduced charges & avoidance of termination penalty saving us 10k- thank you Avocet" TS - London

Bank Loan

"As a Restaurant & Bar owner during the Great Recession, I was in the wrong sector at the wrong time as far as bank lending was concerned. That was until Avocet came along & using its contacts, succeeded in getting us the 150k loan we neeeded" SC - Essex

Commercial Mortgage

"Whilst it took 12 months to transfer between High Street Banks & achieve a 60% increase in my Commercial Mortgage to 520k, Roger never gave up.

My financial results were dire, the questions never stopped coming, the planning status on the land was grey & the Bank Credit Committee reviewed the application 4 times before eventual drawdown.

Without Avocet's stamina & inside track with the Bank, the future would have been very bleak" SP - Surrey

Business Sales

Computer Software Consultancy - Financial Services

"Avocet stayed with us after the disappointment  of an aborted Management Buy In, & were absolutley crucial in the final negotations meeting to get us a fabulous result, PLUS they refered us to an excellent lawyer - result cash received just 5 weeks after that key meeting" - CR Owner                       

Sandwich Maker - J Newton & N Flemming: Owners

"We have been impressed by Roger's knowledge & expertise, & with his help we completed the sale in 4 months start to finish, for a very acceptable price & with a minimum of hassle. We would recommend Avocet to anyone wanting to sell their business & feel sure they would be equally satisfied."


McCoy Associates - Denis McCoy: Owner

"At the beginning of the year you gave me valuable advice & encouragement, leading to the sale of this business. You combined commitment, good sense & energy to secure a satisfactory conclusion. And your readily available support throughout the process was most impressive. I am obliged to you & hope that Avocet is going from strength to strength"

Home Improvement Business (selling to Major Housebuilders)- Owner

"Roger spent 2 years helping me get the business into shape prior to sale on the back of record profits. He negotiated a satisfactory price & drove the process on a fast timetable, completing just before the Credit Crunch hit hard. His project management & habit of taking all the pressure was very impressive & welcome as during negotiations my wife became very ill." 

Document Storage

"I found your pre sale advice on 'growing the business & preparing for sale' valuable & encouraging. Your Project Management was superb, & even in the most frustrating & demanding times you calmed me down & reassured me. Now that the deal has been done, I am a very happy retired MD of comfortable means looking forward to more relaxing projects. I owe you a lot Roger- thank you."


Sygnus Data Communications - Joint MD Kim Rawlingson

"Throughout the long negotiations we found Roger's experience & advice to be invaluable in the planning & management of the whole MBO process.  His input was critical on the low price we eventually paid. Avocet's Project Management included drawing up & agreeing 'Heads of Terms',  attendance at meetings with solicitors, production & examination of the minutiae of  draft contracts &, last but not least, much needed moral support for two 'green' individuals at a very difficult time.  I strongly believe that without Roger's sound advice & support we  would not have  completed this MBO. Since completion we have not had need of his services, primarily because of the excellent advice he gave us during the MBO process. Now 34 months on, I find it reassuring that Roger still closely follows our progress & is there to fall back on if & when we need him."

Meteor Communications - MD John Savage

"Throughout the 18 month negotiations, I found Roger's expertise, experience & above all sanity in what became a 'bloody' war, invaluable. Avocet was always there when I needed them & they introduced me to proficient Legal & Tax advisers. Avocet was key in providing a separate conduit for the price negotiations, & in 'having the row' with my boss, to secure a deferred consideration transaction, whilst I still had to deal with him on a day to day basis to keep the business going.  

Since completion it is reassuring that Roger  has remained interested in our progress."

Path Group plc - FD Tony Sanderson

"Roger worked with us throughout a long & testing MBO. His advice was consistent,well thought out & always down to earth. With Avocet providing a background level of support for the management team, we were able to keep our focus on doing the right deal & avoid being drawn into an over exposed position."

Oxford Motivation - MD John Fisher

"With Avocet's help I had bought out some clients  from my previous company where I was a shareholder & set up a new consultancy business in 2005. A year later we had been made an offer by a much bigger concern that was difficult to ignore... so we took the money & learned how to be a subsidiary. All went well for the next 3 years until the recession hit & the parent company went under, taking us with it, even though we were perfectly viable.

We immediately got in touch again with Avocet. Within a short space of time we had secured banking facilities & loans from one of their banking contacts, secured an MBO from the administrators, & continued trading with largely the same clientele as before plus a few others that had fallen out of the parent company.

It is at times like these  that firms like Avocet earn their corn & I can tell you now that none of the big accountancy firms could help us out in any way...but Avocet just got on with it & delivered what we needed, when we needed it."

Partner Disputes

50% Shareholder With No Shareholders Agreement

"Most of us have the idea that our business is worth vast sums of money. This thought lasts a few glorious moments & then reality cuts in & we continue as we were for a few more years. Few of us have the good fortune to hold that thought...  Thanks to attending an Avocet/Lloyds TSB breakfast seminar on exit strategy, I met Roger who introduced me to the processes needed to evaluate the dream of 'selling out', & also to a very good solicitor & tax adviser. This project was never going to be easy & there were some incredible & demoralising moments during the 18 months of negotiation with my 50% co shareholder, but Roger was always at hand to revitalise & motivate me.

His optimism, pragmatism & project management of the whole process kept the wheels turning in the right direction. Now after all that time we have a successful outcome not just for me but also for the company. It was not all champagne & roses: in fact at times it was a 'bloody mess' from which I could see no positive outcome.

Thanks Roger we got there."

50% Business Partner

"Avocet's fee has been recovered several times over in the price reduction that was negotiated for my Ex Business Partner's interest. Moreover thanks  to Avocet I now have a new bank that is supportive & takes an interest in what I do. Above all Avocet did exactly what it said it would do, to the agreed timescale." 

Turn Arounds

£3.5m Retailer Distribution Business

"When Roger arrived my house was mortgaged up to the hilt to support the business, the balance sheet showed negative net worth, we continued to make losses & the bank was restive. He kept a cool head & first sorted out the acute cash flow problem by negotiating with a key supplier, before then addressing the profitability issues. 18 months later cash flow was OK & losses had been turned into a 240k pre tax profit. I owe him my peace of mind, & my house!"  

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