October 2016 - £1.7m Graduation Day

The first graduate from the Avocet 1=4 Increased Business Value Programme has just been sold – for £1.7m.

Historic Performance

This manufacturing business started with Avocet in 2012, when it had annual sales of £1.1m & a profit of 100k – a comfortable existence.

What Avocet Did

Working with the Owner, Avocet helped develop a growth strategy whilst minimising risk, micromanaged costs, assisted in Management Team Development, & persuaded a reluctant Owner to regularly review his prices. It then project managed the business sale process, when it was time to sell.

Graduate Owner Comments

“Back in 2012 I needed, & got, a wake up call from Avocet. I Iistened  to some harsh truths, thank goodness.

Not only does the realised sale price represent a fourfold increase in business value from the 2012 Valuation & given me a nice retirement pot, but is was fun along the way & improved my work/lifestyle balance.“ SJ –Herts

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