May 2016 - 1=4 Increased Business Value

In the immediate aftermath of the Great Recession, Avocet had several battle scarred clients wanting to sell up quickly, WITHOUT 

investing the time to get the business into a fit state.

The inevitable result was a Lifetime's work sold too cheaply, with the Sale Price not reflecting its true worth & potential for the new owner.

Responding to this , Avocet launched its 1=4 Increased Business Value Programme.

Why 1=4?

Well for every £ increase in sustainable profit , typically this adds £4 of Business Value.

The programme starts with a Business Valuation with cooments on how tihs over tije could be improved.

It then continues with 24/7 access by telephone or e mail with at least one site visit per Quarter.

This is an  increasingly popular service with clients:  the range of businesses signed up extends from 75ok to £5m t/o.

Avocet's Roger Bibby comments

" At last SME Owners are beginning to realise that their business is an important element in their Pension Planning, with lightly taxed capitlal gains

for Business Sale proceeds.Therefore planning your Exit Strategy & Improving Business Value merit greater attention than historically given."



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