July 2017 - Invoice Discounting: Speed & Service

This is a recent success story with Avocet’s favourite funder.

First approached on 3 July, a 250k funding line was drawn down on 25 July for a Private Ambulance provider.

The client saw Invoice Discounting as a funding solution for its fast growth in a slow paying sector, when it did not want to commit to bank loan PGs.

The facility cost compared favourably with a bank loan  & was a small price to pay against the opportunity cost of forgoing fast & profitable growth through lack of funding.

By LISTENING & UNDERSTANDING the client’s needs & competitor “offers” Avocet’s funder was able to offer a winning package:

   A FIXED monthly service fee

   NO Personal Guarantee-, only an indemnity against fraudulent invoicing

   Fee transparency – no small print disbursements                                                  

To learn more please contact Roger at Avocet on 01494/ 726173.

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