Cuckoo Update - The Harbinger Of English Spring

Can you remember when that Harbinger of Spring, the Cuckoo, was plentiful & you could rely on its iconic call in most English woodlands & meadows? - sadly there has been a 68% fall in English Cuckoos in the last 25 years.

This has prompted the initiation of a solar powered satellite tracking scheme involving the fixing of 5 gram tags to Cuckoos caught in England: this enables the tracking of autumn migration routes to winter feeding grounds, & then their spring migration back.

I am therefore delighted to announce that I have helped co-sponsor a Cuckoo (one small step for Cuckookind), to assist in maintaining this research project.

Carlton 11 was tagged in Carlton Marsh of Lowestoft Suffolk in 2018, & winters in Central Africa on his sun lounger.

His normal spring journey involves short flights to West Africa & Ivory Coast before crossing the intimidating Sahara Desert, then resting in Algeria before touching down in Spain, & finally, as an obvious Brexiteer, legging it swiftly through France to return to his birthplace on Carlton Marsh.

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