April 2020 - Corona Virus Financial Oxygen

Whilst all the focus of politicians, media & SME Owners is on Phase 1 Financing Survival, with many initiatives launched plus non Bank financial options still available, the focus  should soon be shifting to Phase 2 Financing Recovery.
Many SMEs wil have drained resources by selling from stock with no stock rebuild, to raise the survival cash.
This could well mean that as Lockdown is lifted there is minimal Working Capital to finance purchase of stock, continued payment of staff (furlough or no furlough) & marketing.
This may be the exact moment  for considering Invoice Discounting of a now recovering Sales Ledger - an irrelevant option in the Ledger wind down as Lockdown became inevitable
 Commented Roger Bibby of Avocet, "At Avocet we are well placed to help the SME owner with his Invoice Discounting considerations, as we have a choice of funders by size of advance, & industry sector, many of whom we have worked with for a number of years. Typically there will be no charge by Avocet for providing an introduction to a suitable funder which leads to funds drawdown, as we would usually receive an Introducer's Commission from that funder "
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