In these continuing challenging times for the SME Owner to get appropriate funding, Avocet has established good contacts with not only Banks & their new modus operandi, but more importantly  the well funded Non Bank Funders who are providing the FINANCIAL OXYGEN to fill the SME funding vacuum

In 2019 over 50% of successful funding obtained by Avocet has come from Non Bank Funding where the advantages are:

  • Speed of decision making (no call centres)
  • Flexibility in implementation
  • Great Back Offices based in the UK with REAL PEOPLE to talk to
  • Innovatory Products suited to the customer NOT the funder

We can help in the following areas.

Bank Facilities

  • Renegotiation & re-banking

Invoice Discounting (an Avocet speciality)

  • Non Bank facilities strongly recommended
  • Funding lines from 50k to £5m available from Avocet funders
  • Available in a number of formats including Single Invoice, WIP funding, Construction- Haulage- Media- Recruitment sector specialist services, Factoring, Confidential Invoice Discounting
  • The advantages of Invoice Discounting are- Accelerated Cash Flow, the facilty's ability  to GROW as sales do, Personal Guarantee limited to the value of the Sales Ledger Invoices

Bridging Loans

  • 25k-250k lines available starting from an effective interest rate of 9% with no Personal Guarantee a possibility (oh happy days !)


  • Available for both the business wishing to invest in new plant, & Sales Aid Leasing for Capital Equipment Producers wishing to improve customer affordability


  • An effective way of generating cash for an Acquisition or MBO when existing & financial unencumbered assets can be leased eg motor vehicles, laser cutter

Stock Finance

  • NOT a strong service from the banks (!) but where Avocet has good independent contacts

Trade Finance

  • Another neglected area by the banks, where Avocet has good independent contacts

Development Capital

  • Available as high coupon loan money or equity from High Net Worth Individuals

Private Equity

  • Avocet has good contacts for businesses with at least 500k EBITDA altohugh preferably £1m EBITDA

Information Guides

  • To assist SME Owners making an informed decision, Guides are available for Invoice Discounting & Leasing, highlighting the pros & cons of these products

Next Steps...

  • For an initial foc/no commitment dialogue on any of these financial products or to obtain an Information Guide please contact Avocet

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