B2B Application of Technology for Sales Generation

In March 2020 when Lockdown closed the economy, an Avocet client had 2 problems- how to keep staff safe, & then how to continue to communicate effectively with customers & prospects to close sales & keep Invoicing ticking over.

The business supplied Feeder Systems to production lines for coding & labelling in the Pharmaceutical & Food manufacturing sectors.

The solutions which have been successfully introduced through its website & well received (August sales the highest for 20 years) include:

-  Use of real meaningful (not ) photographs

-  Practical Visualisation of Case Studies

-  A Virtual New Product Launch

-  Product Maintenance

-  Product Training

This business has form in the application of technology.

In 2018 it was faced with component supplier issues in terms of sky high minimum quantities & the disappearance of suppliers as employee skillsets drifted into retirement.

Unperturbed, the business invested in 3D printers, resulting in continuity of supply, consistent product qaulity, & very high gross margins.